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Category: Conference Facilities

How to Maximize Space in a Small Conference Room

Just because you have a small conference room doesn’t mean that you can’t get a lot out of it. Since you don’t have much to work with, space optimization is critical. Think... read more

How to Choose the Right Seating Arrangements for Your Next Meeting or Event

When you are organizing any kind of meeting or event, the communication factor is all-important. Your seating arrangements can make or break the atmosphere in the room, and if... read more

Conference Room Design

There are a surprisingly large number of factors when you are considering how you wish to arrange your meeting spaces.  Let's imagine that you need to create two spaces.  Room... read more

Serviced Office Space: Better than a home office!

Just what is serviced office space?   It is a high quality business environment, with a premium address, where you can get work done!  It comes complete with all of the... read more

Meeting Spaces: Dressed to Impress

Working from home is a huge advantage.  The modern open office concept has driven people (literally) to distraction.  Many are lamenting the loss of the cubicle, where at least... read more
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