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Virtual Business Address

Looking for a professional business address?

Your business may be based out of your home, but you don’t have to use your home address on your business cards. If you don’t want your business contacts to know where you live, you can use Liberty Office Suites’ virtual business address. You will get a professional address to use on your business cards. You’ll project a more sophisticated image for your clients, while still working from the comfort of your living room. When potential clients look to find out more information about you, they will see that you have a professional business address, which will increase your value in their eyes. In addition, potential clients will also see that your address is in a location among other offices.

As a home –based solopreneur, your safety is important as well. This is yet another great reason to use our virtual address service. You’ll have the choice of using either our Montville or Parsippany address.

Our virtual business address packages can be used alone, or can be layered with other programs, including business mail services, or rental of executive, temporary, or shared office space. Some can even include use of our conference rooms to meet with your clients.

Your virtual business address at either of Liberty Office Suites’ locations will be one you will be proud to have represent you and your company, while saving you the expense of maintaining an office on a full time basis.

When you need a “real” office address but don’t need an office where you go every day, consider a virtual business address at Liberty Office Suites. Much better than a post office box or storefront box, these prestigious addresses are in a well-located office building minutes from major NJ highways. With some of our virtual address packages, you can even meet visitors in our professional environment and serve them refreshments from our kitchen facility.

Get Your Very Own Virtual Business Address

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