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Wellness in The Workplace: 8 Tips To Keep You Going Strong

Regardless if you are a solopreneur working out of your home office, or managing a team of people, practicing wellness in the workplace is vital to your bottom-line.

The days of overworking ourselves to the point of exhaustion are behind us.

Quality-of-life is an increasing value in the workplace. If we are not the best version of ourselves, how can we lead others or perform to the best of our ability? We need energy (and need to keep it!). While staying energetic can seem daunting at times, these wellness tips can help:

Taking Care of Our Immune Systems

We are all privy to the fact that a healthy immune system keeps us feeling strong while protecting against illness. But not everyone is aware of many factors that help keep our immunity high.

First and foremost, our choice of foods and eating schedule affect our immune systems and our energy levels. Having a consistent eating schedule allows our metabolisms to maintain a regular digestion pattern which produces energy; keeping us alert and functioning well throughout our day.

Reducing sugar intake will also boost our immune system, since sugar depletes important nutrients that support immune strength.

In addition, taking an effective immune boosting supplement during the cold and flu season can be a lifesaver! There are many natural options in the market today including Elderberry, Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine and general multivitamin/multimineral formulas created specifically for immune defense.

One of the first habits to go when we are working hard, is a good sleep routine. A deep, healthy sleep will keep your immune system fighting for you. We’ll cover that shortly.

3 Wellness Tips:
• Take an immune boosting supplement that is easy to take anytime.
• Keep your Vitamin D levels at a healthy level
• Support a healthy sleep routine

Nutrition That Fuels Us
Eating on a consistent schedule is healthy for you. However, if you are eating processed foods or foods with an abundance of sugar, you’re not choosing the best options to provide energy throughout the workday. Instead of reaching for that blueberry muffin down the road at Dunkin’, consider pairing a complex carb with a high protein food item or healthy fat. Example, a nice whole grain piece of bread with nut butter or avocado (avocado toast, anyone!?) would give you a nice jump start.

Our brain cells function best when we are adequately hydrated. Often, we confuse hunger for thirst, So keep your water bottle nearby and sip it often. The amino acid l-Theanine in green tea has been proven to support lower stress levels and increased energy; making it a welcomed alternative, either hot or cold.

2 Wellness Tips:
• Keep a protein bar at your desk or in your bag so if you feel your energy levels dropping, you have a secret weapon.
• Stay hydrated with water, vitamin water or green tea
• Eat nutrient dense, colorful foods rather than high carb, sugary foods

A Healthy Sleep Schedule

Our sleeping patterns also help strengthen (or deplete) our immune systems. On average, our bodies like to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night to help us function our best and ‘re-boot’ just like our computers!

If we do not get enough sleep throughout the night, our immune systems slow-down, our thinking is cloudy, and we simply won’t perform our best. Getting a good night’s rest rejuvenates us and gives us energy for the day ahead.

2 Wellness Tips:
• Add a snake plant to your room to help you sleep; this increases oxygen which supports better sleep and improved energy the next day.

• Try a safe sleep aid such as melatonin, magnesium or lavender oil.

Remember, energy is what keeps us chugging along all day. With these tips on how to stay energized throughout our workdays, we can perform to the best of our abilities and strengthen our overall bottom-line.


Post Provided by Janet Ryan, Wellness Consultant and owner of SpectraSpray Global, Oral Spray Vitamins and Supplements.;


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