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Some Tips for Scaling a Business

New business owners may dream of the day when they grow to the point of expanding beyond the confines of their home office but dreams require planning if they are to become reality.  If one is to grow beyond that which they can achieve with their own efforts then planning for scaling a business beyond that home office needs to take place.

How does one plan for scaling a business?

For many it begins with their very first move beyond the home and increasingly involves selecting a serviced office location such as Liberty Office Suites.  Serviced offices are purpose designed for scaling a business by allowing the business owner to take on only the space or services which she needs and only as she needs them.  

The initial requirement may be for just a furnished office to get out of the house and into a professional environment but may soon grow into needing someone to answer the phones, do the bookkeeping, billing, and other back office work.  A growing company wants to be certain not to hire employees until they are truly needed, so the administrative services provided at quality serviced office locations provides the ideal way to scale a business for growth without taking on the commitment of full time employees.

Similarly, scaling a business for size is ideally accomplished at a serviced office.  The flexibility offered frequently includes the ability to add additional offices – sometimes for just the length of a project – without having to sign a long term lease.  The ability to use just what is needed, as it is needed, is a key component to successfully scaling a business.

Furniture, phone systems, and office equipment are just some of the things that don’t need to be purchased initially when planning to scale a business upwards.   Capital costs that can be avoided are better used by investing in the business or, as time goes on, in hiring and training people to allow the business to grow beyond what the founders can do themselves.  Once again serviced offices locations, with furnished offices, high speed copiers, and customizable voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems allow for scaling a business without the expensive capital expenses of equipment that may not be suited for growth as time goes by.

Serviced office locations such as Liberty Office Suites are ideally suited for scaling a business, whether the growth happens rapidly or over a longer period of time.  To take a tour and learn how other businesses have prepared themselves for growth, call them at 973-575-6080 or visit


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