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The Reasons to Rent Virtual Office Space

It can seem financially daunting when you start a business and need to secure another address for business purposes. Luckily you can rent a virtual office space giving you a professional address and phone line at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office .

Some Reasons to Rent Virtual Office Space

Virtual offices are a great way to get a second mailing address for business purposes. Although you could get a PO Box or mailbox rental at a UPS store, this only gives you a virtual address without any ancillary office services attached to it. The virtual office mail address will allow you to receive business packages deliveries that can be signed for by the on-staff receptionist. There’s usually a business center in a virtual office space that has fax reception capabilities. Some virtual office packages also offer 800 numbers with a designated extension for voicemail. In addition some office centers offer secretaries for an additional cost to help answer your phone lines. Whether you only have voicemail or a secretary, you can have your messages forwarded to your cell phone or even your email. Having a dedicated business phone line can make for a professional image and will help keep your business affairs separate from your personal life.

Some people might be tempted to just use their home address for business purposes but it’s not suitable for many scenarios. For example if you need to take return packages from customers then it’s more convenient to conduct package deliveries through a receptionist who deals with delivery drivers as part of their daily duties.

If you’re thinking about renting virtual office space, contact us to talk to a specialist to guide you through the process.


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