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Why Your Home Office is an Obstacle to Your Business

1) You Don’t Have a Professional Business Address
Although you may be saving money by having your office at home, you are also taking away the credibility of your business by not having an actual business address. If you are serious about your business, but don’t have enough funds yet, consider renting a virtual office. A virtual office provides a professional business address and you can even find packages that include a receptionist who answers your incoming calls. Investing in a business address can provide a professional image for your business at a low cost.

2) You Miss Out on Networking
At an office building you are surrounded by different professionals and different types of companies. This provides the opportunity to network and find services that your business may need. When you network you can also learn about diverse strategies and work ethics that can boost your business revenue and help you reach your goals.

3) You Can’t Bring Potential Clients to Your Home
If your business is booming and you constantly have to rent a conference room because of the potential clients you have to meet with, you may be spending more money then you need to. No one wants to go to someone’s home for a business meeting or job interview. Not only will it ruin the professional aspect of your business but you’re also allowing people to invade your home privacy. It is true when people say that first impressions do matter and providing your potential clients with a professional image of your business can make or break your companies’ goals.

4) Your Business Life and Home Life in One
Unless your living on your own, you are going to be distracted by your children or family in general. Since you are at home, there are going to be a bunch of things you would rather be doing instead of your work. Working from home is difficult because you are mixing up your personal life with your work life. You technically never leave work and you technically never come home. It is better to separate your business from your personal life.

5) You Are Entirely on Your Own
Most people you want to hire will not want to work from your house. People who have home offices often work by themselves and thus hold themselves less accountable to their business. Although one may think that it is a good thing, it actually isn’t. If you think about it, the day you need help you won’t have anyone, you can’t celebrate your companies’ goals with anyone, and you won’t have anyone that is completely knowledgeable with the type of work you’re doing.


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