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MES Featured Tenant: Rachel Durkan


Rachel Durkan is the founder and owner of Paradigm Marketing and Design which provides full service marketing support including strategy development and execution, and creative services. She began her career at Pfizer, working on PediaCare, Sudafed and Zantac brands where she gained experience in brand strategy development, marketing within regulation restrictions, and professional sales strategy development.  She then moved to the non-profit sector and worked several years at Bergen County’s United Way, a $12 million/year organization.  There she was tasked with the organizations digital marketing initiative and development support.  It was at that time, Rachel went back to school for website development and graphic design.

Rachel launched Paradigm initially as a website design/development agency but quickly identified a need in the market place for comprehensive marketing support services.  Paradigm is unique in that it integrates a client’s entire marketing strategy to be cohesive and ensure that each marketing initiative (brand development, website design, communication initiatives, etc.) supports the strategic plan to produce a long term return on investment.


  1. What do you like about Montville Executive Suites?

I like the architecture of the building. The outside and inside are beautifully furnished and decorated. I also really enjoy the environment, everyone is very friendly.


  1. What is your favorite feature here at Montville Executive Suites?

I would have to say the people. Everyone is extremely kind and professional.


  1. Has having an office here at Montville Executive Suites benefitted your business?

Yes, I have made more business connections due to having an office here.


  1. Has having an office here helped foster better business practices or has promoted clientele growth?

Yes, I have utilized my office space and the conference room to meet with clients.


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