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What is a Virtual Office?

What is a virtual office? This is a question I am asked by many. Virtual office space can be defined in various ways. Let us take moment and say you are self-employed, maybe you are a life coach. You do most of your business through Skype or telephone calls; you can work from anywhere right? Yet, what is the address you are using on your marketing material, website and business cards? Is it your home address? Or maybe a P.O. Box? Do you really want clients knowing where you live? While the P.O. Box is handy, it may not always represent the image you are trying to convey. What if you wanted to meet with a client face to face, where would you go for this meeting? Starbucks, Panera Bread, your living room? Or would you rather have a beautiful conference room and a receptionist to greet your guest?  Depending on your particular needs, you could have a business address, a dedicated telephone number, live telephone answering, use of a beautiful conference room and a receptionist to greet your guests for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office space. So to answer the question, what is a virtual office? I would say a virtual office is the best way for your business to have a professional presence without the cost of full time space.


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