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A Collaboration of Two Towaco Businesses

With only a little more than a half a mile separating them, the true spirit of local businesses working together is evident with the collaboration of one new business and one that dates back to the mid 1900’s. Sea Breeze is a multigenerational family owned company that has provided “premium beverages on tap” since 1925. With President Steve Sanders and his son, Vice President Josh Sanders at the helm, they are set to make an even bigger mark in the beverage industry. While Sea Breeze is primarily known for their beverage concentrates on tap they also provide bar guns, fountain dispensers and repairs for service equipment. They distribute to fine and casual dining restaurants as well as bars and catering halls. So it was no surprise when the news came that they would be providing their products and services to the newest business in town, Rails Steakhouse. Rails will be more than just a steakhouse – it will be an experience.

With three floors of masterpiece wood workmanship, fireplaces, couches, lounges, bars and private party areas, Rails will be the place in the tri-state area. This 55,000 square foot complex will also feature six luxury boutique stores and six high-end apartments.  With the partnering of Sea Breeze and Rails Steakhouse, diners will be able to enjoy Sea Breeze’s new product line iced teas and hard teas. With iced tea flavors such as Toshimi Green with Ginseng and Honey, diet Cranberry Pomegranate and Peach Passion with Ginger, and hard teas like Whiskey Sweet, Sour Puss and Peach Pirate to name a few, they will make for a very tasty cocktail. How exciting that two Towaco entities are working together to keep business within the community and provide an even greater value to the residents of Montville Township and beyond.

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