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Virtual Office Solutions

Just what are “virtual office solutions”?  It is a peculiar sounding phrase, so let’s take a closer look…

If you are a one-person-show, that is to say, a business where you do everything, there are practical limitations on what you can expect to accomplish in any given day.  If there is a second person in your organization, with similar skills, you could perhaps double your output.  

As you add more people your potential can increase synergistically, but there’s also a danger of duplication of effort, or working at cross purposes, and decreasing your efficiency.  If only there was a way to arrange it so that people were only responsible for jobs that they are the best at…  Wait, there is…

Virtual Office Solutions

Infrastructure has always been the single largest impediment or encumbrance for a business.  Customers expect you to have a legitimate business address; to have a familiar, recognizable local telephone number; to have a real person answering your phones.  

Even if you are in the right telephone area code, there are clear signs (such as a “0” in the exchange) that people can recognize showing that it’s a cell phone.  You may as well be doing business out of the trunk of your car.

Virtual office solutions, on the other hand, offer precisely what you need to gain the confidence of your clients and customers.  They provide local and toll free telephone numbers as well as fax or electronic fax capabilities; they can provide e-mail services with fully unified messaging services such as digital voice mail, which also permits services like voicemail to e-mail and fax to e-mail.

Virtual people

For legitimacy’s sake you need to have a live voice answering your telephones.  As part of the virtual office solution, that person can screen your calls, schedule appointments, take orders, or handle inquiries and forward calls as necessary to you, or to the right person on your staff.

This is not the limit of their capabilities however.  When more complex skills are required virtual office services can supply Virtual People.  These virtual assistants can handle outbound calling (e.g. reminding people about appointments), conduct surveys, handle incoming customer service, follow up, or any number of other activities that fulltime staffers might undertake.

Huge Savings

Not only do you get to project a legitimate image with your professional business address and a local landline number, but you get to save money, too.  Instead of renting actual office space, somewhere between $5 and $50 per square foot/month, that money stays available so you can invest it in your business.  

Rather than hiring an actual receptionist or personal assistant, you can be one of many people using the same person, or pool of people, and pay just a fraction of the cost.  And, of course, the bigger the pool, the more diverse the collected talents will be.

More Efficient

Instead of using your time to remind people about appointments or bills, you can use your time doing the things that only you can do.  You can handle the things that actually make money for the company.  Whether it’s video conferencing, demonstrating your abilities, or soliciting additional business, there are things that you are uniquely qualified for, and that’s where your focus should be.

Virtual office solutions free up your time so you can actually run your business.  Getting bogged down in drudge work helps no one.

Wider Recognition

If you have a business address it grants you automatic credibility.  Through virtual office solutions you can have several business addresses, especially in geographic areas that are focused on your line of work (e.g. aerospace might need addresses not only in other states, but in countries all over the world), and that provides an international posture.

Even without a tangible office, virtual office solutions provide the ability to receive mail, e-mail, and telephone calls at a “local” address.  This makes you feel local to the people in those places.  Moreover, you can hire people in other nations to represent your company there, and they will have a better idea of the social structure and customs.  It’s a win-win scenario.

Virtual office solutions are more than an address.  They can provide additional useful features such as day offices, administrative services, printing, conference rooms, and training centers for larger groups.  Consider the possibilities…

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