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Scariest Things You May Hear From a Customer

The job of a small business owner can be a very stressful one, but more than worth it in the end. A vital part of having a successful small business is maintaining good relationships with all of your new and existing customers. The longer that you have a customer, the more work you will need to put into keeping them. There will be times where the customer will give you indicators that they are thinking about making a move. The trick is knowing what these indicators are and how you can avoid losing the customers’ business. Here are a few of those scary indicators and what you can do to keep the business and avoid having a smaller customer base in your Offices For Rent.

Reassessing Quotes

One of the biggest indicators that a long-time customer is looking to make a change is their request for an updated quote on the services that you provide to them. This is usually an indicator that another company is pursuing them and offering them a lower price. The best thing you can do is to provide the business with an accurate quote and remind them of the loyalty that you have to them.

New Hire in Purchasing Department

Another scary thing to find out about a long-time customer is that they have made a new hire in their purchasing department. In most cases, a new hire in the purchasing department means that a change may be coming in the way you deal with this business. The best thing for you to do in this situation is to let the new hire know that you are there to serve them in whatever way they deem necessary. The more you try to accommodate the new leader in the purchasing department, the easier it will be to keep their business.

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