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Office Safety Tips for Shared Office Spaces

Working in shared office spaces come with many perks. Lower overhead costs, communal office equipment, a physical business address and access to all the amenities that you could possibly need to stay productive and present a professional image to your clientele – these are all big pluses, especially if you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or a new startup. But sharing, just by its very definition, presents its own issues. To help you navigate, here are some handy shared office safety tips, designed to help you and your vital data stay safe and secure.

Shared office safety tips checklist

How secure are your shared office spaces? Check your personal safety settings to be sure you’re doing all you can to keep yourself safe in shared office spaces and follow these handy office safety tips:

Shared office safety tips #1: Turn off sharing.

No matter what computer operating system you use, you can adjust your settings to ensure that nobody in the shared office environment can access your files. On Mac OSX, you can find this under System preferences, in Windows you will find it in Settings.

Shared office safety tips #2: Use a VPN.

Consider investing in a virtual personal network, also known as a VPN. VPNs are excellent for screening your computer from prying eyes in shared office spaces – in fact, with a VPN enabled, your personal network won’t even be visible to anybody on the outside.

Shared office safety tips #3: Install and enable your firewall.

All computer operating systems come with some form of firewall, but installing something more robust is highly recommended among our shared office safety tips. Adding an extra layer of protection between your hard drive and the rest of the network is never a bad idea.

Shared office safety tips #4: Keep your technology up to date.

Perform regular updates to ensure that your security software, applications and your computer hardware itself has the latest updates. Cyber threats are evolving on a daily basis, and most software companies respond to new threats immediately, so in order to take advantage of new information, it is critical that you keep your software and firmware up to date.

Shared office safety tips #5: Password protect your computers and files.

No matter how confident you feel in your shared office spaces, there is always potential risk coming from unknown sources. Password protect the access to your desktop and to your critical files in order to minimize threats. Store your passwords in a safe place (on Mac OSX your keychain offers several layers of security) and never share them with anybody except on a ‘need to know’ basis!

Shared office safety tips #6: Invest in antivirus software.

As with the built-in firewall, your computer operating system probably has a stock antivirus program. However, a little redundancy in this department is never a bad thing. For a relatively low cost, most can be configured to protect against any unauthorized access. McAfee, Symantec and Avast are among the most popular of the currently available options.

Shared office safety tips #7: Limit access to your computer and files.

In shared office spaces, many use a laptop that is transported between home and office. Though your children, your spouse or your roommate likely have no intention of putting you in harm’s way, a seemingly innocent action such as watching a video or clicking on an ad may infect your computer with malware, viruses, or allow as hacker access to your system. Ideally, keep your work computer dedicated to work.

Shared office safety tips #8: Use a cloud-based storage solution.

While some physical file storage is necessary, a cloud solution provides an extra layer of protection that ensures your files are always accessible, no matter what. Even if there is a fire or other unforeseeable disaster, you can still access your files and apps from any device. Look into an affordable small-office solution like Microsoft Office365.

Keeping yourself safe and secure in shared office spaces

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to shore up your tech defenses in shared office spaces, but what about office safety tips for your most precious commodity? That’s right – we’re talking about YOU. Your physical work space and your own personal safety is paramount, because if it wasn’t for you … well, you know. Though your shared office spaces are likely manned 24/7, you should always ensure that your dedicated space is secure when you are absent. Lockable doors are a must, and be sure that you know the locations of all the emergency exits. Always let the receptionist know when you are leaving and when you might be coming back, and never leave your computer or files open for others to access.

Liberty Office Suites: first line of defense in shared office safety

Liberty Office Suites shared office spaces in Montville and Parsippany is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for you and your company to flourish. As part of our suite of amenities, we offer a secure, high-speed network with robust protection for your peace of mind. Our office managers are well-versed in shared office safety tips, and can answer any questions you might have about how to defend your personal infrastructure. If you have any questions or concerns, call today. We’re always here, and we’re all about your peace of mind.


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