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Office Room Design

Every professional deserves more than just a room with a metal desk and a chair to call their office. An office that exemplifies the design and culture of your business will not only make you feel more comfortable, it’s a place where you’ll look forward to getting work done. Office room design is important whether you run your business out of your office, or just use it occasionally to meet with clients. In this post we’ll give you some advice on how to enhance your office room design.

6 Tips For Creating an Office Room Design You’ll Love

The location of your office is just as important to its design as the paint on the walls. Why? Because you’re designing the experience a person is going to go through before they ever get to your office. A pleasant commute will set the tone for how the person will feel once they enter your office. With that being said, it would be ideal if you can secure office space in a central location close to major highways that will be easy for both you and your clients to get to.

Workspace First, Everything Else Second
When it comes to designing the interior of your office, you’ll want to focus on optimizing your workspace first before considering any other aspect of your office room design. Consider what your typical work day is like and what items you will regularly need to have within arms reach to design your workspace around your workflow. Once you have a workspace for maximizing productivity, then you can consider the furniture and other decor you’d like to add to the room.

Spring for a View
If it’s in your budget, spring for an office space with a window so you can enjoy a nice view throughout the day. This may go without saying but if you have a room with a window, position your desk so that you’re situated in front of it. That way when you look up from your computer screen you can stare at something other than a blank wall. A window is an excellent source of natural light, which adds more life to the room. A room with a view also offers a great distraction if you need to give yourself a mental break and take your mind off of work for a little while.

Maximize Space
Square footage is a luxury when it comes to office room design, so getting the most out of the space you have is key. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, we recommend hanging floating shelves on the walls to keep your documents and office equipment off of the desk. With all that desk space you now have we recommend using that space for vertical file folders to keep all of your most important papers at your fingertips. Wooden and cube shelves can also be used to hold anything from books, to other pieces of decor, to anything you may need.

Motivate Yourself
Everyone has something different that either motivates or inspires them. For some, it’s a particular quote that helps get them through their day. For others, having a to-do list on a whiteboard gives them the motivation they need. Other people are inspired by a particular piece of artwork. Whatever it is that gives you that extra boost of energy, don’t be shy to include it in your office room design.

Personalize Your Space
A few photos of your family, pets, or favorite vacation spots will make your new workspace feel comfortable and more like home.   If you use a shared space, many offices offer locked drawer or closet where you can keep your personal mementos tucked away when not in use.


A great location, an optimized workspace, a room with a view, and some extra motivation on the walls or desk is a formula you can follow to design an office you’ll love. If you’re in need of office space, please look into the attractive and affordable options offered by Liberty Office Solutions.   Call us today at 973-575-6080 or


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