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Meeting Spaces: Dressed to Impress

Working from home is a huge advantage.  The modern open office concept has driven people (literally) to distraction.  Many are lamenting the loss of the cubicle, where at least there was some semblance of isolation from the noise of others.

But now you have gone and left that all behind you by working on your own, on your own terms.  If you’re tangling with a tough challenge and need to enhance your problem solving skills with 15 minutes of playing Tetris, no one is going to fault you for that.  

Homestyle Meetings

That, and all the other perks of working at home aside, there is still the fundamental problem of getting together with clients.  Can your house serve as a meeting space?  Sure… but imagine what sort of impression you’re going to make by asking business people to drive out to suburbia and come to a home for a serious business meeting.  You’re off on the wrong foot there!

Unless you have something akin to a real office setup in your home, like a converted garage that is completely separate from your residence, it is probably not going to be one of the best meeting spaces.  If you can persuade your spouse or older teenager to fill in as secretary or P.A., you might be able to pull it off.

Serious Meeting Spaces

So now we move from the unlikely to the more typical.  You probably cannot conduct successful business meetings in your home, so your alternatives are to use the facilities of your client, or hire a business-like environment that is conducive to attaining your goals.

In your own arena, even if it’s a hired meeting space, you control the agenda.  You’re not at the mercy of what facilities your clients might have available, or what their objectives are.  You are familiar with the available tools; they’re at your disposal, whether it’s a large White Board with plenty of colored markers, or a big screen display for your presentation.

The furniture is suited to the purpose so that the seats don’t get uncomfortable if the meeting goes long; so that sight lines are not obstructed during the presentation; and so that the participants can see one another without craning and straining.  There’s plenty of room so people can put their materials nearby instead of constantly working out of a briefcase.

Make Your Client Feel Valued

Ideally there are refreshments available, as well as washroom facilities, and all appropriate amenities.  There is open access Wi-Fi that your clients can utilize.  Everything is designed to make the meeting experience as smooth, adaptable, and snag-free as possible.  To your client, comfortable, well-designed, and well-run meeting spaces usually translate directly into how they perceive your company.

But mostly, it lets your client know that you value them; that you consider them a valuable asset; that they are an essential part of your business.

The Takeaway

Let Liberty Office Suites show your clients the Goldilocks Zone, where it’s not too big and impersonal; where it’s not too cramped and uncomfortable; where everything is just right.

Remember: More and more business, which is ordinarily corporate in nature, is ending up in the hands of independent professionals.  By demonstrating your competence and putting forward a professional image, you can be part of this brave new world.  And LOS is ready to help you.

If you need convivial, impressive, and pleasant meeting spaces to host your important encounters with clients, please feel free to stop by either of our locations at 330 Changebridge Road in Montville, or 181 New Road in Parsippany.  Or you can call us at 973-575-6080. We would love to talk with you!

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