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How to Have a Successful Offsite Sales Meeting

No business event is as anticipated and dreaded like the offsite sales meeting. A well-planned meeting could be inspirational and motivating, giving your sales team the boost it needs to get the results you want when they get back in the field.

To avoid an unmemorable meeting, consider these suggestions.

Keep it Short

You can’t cover every topic in a single meeting. Even multi-day events can feel overstuffed with information, guest speakers, and activities if you’re running non-stop from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Stick to your agenda, but don’t waste time lecturing on and re-hashing material from previous meetings.

Try Something Different

No one enjoys long PowerPoint presentations. At your next meeting, try to minimize or eliminate them. Choose a motivational theme for the meeting, and require your speakers to incorporate it into their presentations. A “Shoot For Success” theme can roll nicely into an afternoon golf outing, and a practice putting green can be used during the meeting to win a coveted piece of swag.

Make it Personal

The boss should certainly be addressing the troops during a sales meeting, but it’s also a great time to recognize your key players. Get them involved in the meeting agenda. Let them report on their successes or their lessons learned. No one wants to travel to an offsite meeting to be bored for a day. Making the meeting about your people is the best way to keep their attention, and to motivate them to keep succeeding.

Montville Executive Suites is an ideal location for your offsite sales meeting. Please contact us to learn more about our facilities, services and nearby attractions, to make your next meeting a memorable and motivational one.


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