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Hey busy parents! Did you know we have a pre-school right on the property?

Help for Working Moms

So, here’s a fun topic for the day ladies,  from a day in the life of a working mom’s quarantine………..during this profound shift, is surviving really enough as you balance your career, organize your household  and home school the kids while trying to remember EVERYTHING that needs to be remembered in specific routines?  Does that get overwhelming and exhausting?

You’ve dedicated a spot to work at home, you’ve taken time to fine tune and set up your computer, coffee mug and anything else the way you like it.   You try to cancel out noise even if you are sharing a space with the kids, your spouse or pets.  Perfect, well…. maybe not so.

Since most women take on the planning and bear the brunt of a workload that also includes cooking, cleaning, laundry and a myriad of other tasks, the mental and emotional load of countless details definitely keep a mom’s mind racing as the caregiver. Every second of every day is hustle and bustle.  There are no boundaries or separation.

So where IS the work/life balance, where DOES it begin and end and WHERE IS the right place to work?

Since these aren’t normal times we need to give female entrepreneurs picture perfect work environments and what’s better than collaborative coworking space?  It has the flexibility and independence as well as valuable business resources and networking opportunities and possibly the most attractive perk, you get to change out of your Pj’s and become human again!

Whether you choose a woman only coworking space or like to co-mingle, this option is designed to provide a safe and supportive work environment while giving you the opportunity to focus and reclaim back your own time again.  Being surrounded by professional, like-minded individuals can be very inspiring while reducing the amount of time spent isolated at home. Collaboration and face to face interaction as well as the quietness of coworking and the ability to find something budget friendly is a great solution for work from homers ready to fly the coop.


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