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Help for Working Dads

For many types of jobs, not being in an office limits valuable forms of communication, social bonding, mentorship and career development. We are social creatures with so many nonverbal microexpressions we use to communicate, so don’t you think much of this is lost online and working remotely?

Gone are the days that the breadwinner was just the man. Now that most households are a dual income family, it has become evident that fathers have more of a work-life balance conflict than mothers. Most men are not use to little tiny, needy, noisy colleagues working side by side with them and are suddenly taking on new roles as lunch caterers, office admin, therapists and assistants to their mini executives all on top of handling a regular job.

Men, doesn’t every single day feel like a Monday? How can you meet work deadlines and obligations now that schools are closed and children are there ALL the time? This is the new normal but is your new workplace productive or counterproductive? It’s a new world for dads now and the never-ending workload and too much multitasking will reduce your ability and concentration to focus on specific daily work tasks.

A German study from the Hans Bockler Foundation shows that despite parenting and household responsibilities between men and women with full time jobs, only women expect to use the flexibility to meet extra demands at home, while men may use the extra time as high performance strategy rather than family time.

Men prefer the chain of command and status of a private office environment. Most men believe their jobs/careers revolve around organizational dedication and commitment and make work the central focus of their lives. Though men and women definitely tend toward different work styles, men are increasingly embracing flexible set ups for workspace including co-working spaces. Men, you CAN redesign your habits as well as your schedule. By working with other individuals and heading to a new type of office space, just think………… can expose your career to chance and opportunity as well as allowing you to get out of your own bubble! What a win win situation this would be as you transition from your unbalanced and crazed life at home to a peaceful, comfortable and efficient workplace


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