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Healthy Business Contacts

When you work in a large office surrounded by dozens or hundreds of people it is inevitable that you will form relationships.  It could be a group of salespeople that go to lunch every Friday while they’re waiting for the commission checks to be cut.  Or maybe it’s all the people in the printing department that always get together to go to a new bar on Saturday.

Whatever the case, in just about every instance, you form relationships outside of work.  Not having this capability by running your own independent business from home might be considered a detriment.  “Friends at work” might be able to steer some business your way, you would think, but these internal cum social relationships don’t really lend themselves to increasing your business contacts.

The Liberty Office Suites Advantage
We have all sorts of people using our office spaces at LOS.  The variety of professions might astonish you—and the synergistic effect can be quite surprising.  Things happen that you might actually expect, where people with aligned business interests interact.

Consider the elder lawyer that still likes to keep his (or her) hand in.  S/he works the occasional case, but only if it’s really interesting.  Down the hall is a new young lawyer that is doing a stint as a public defender, but s/he wouldn’t mind a more complex case to build her (or his) reputation.  Elder and younger business contacts get to know each other and a mentoring relationship develops.  The elder can actually steer some business to younger to help them develop needed skills.

The Difference

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-11-10-pmYou might think that was enough of an advantage, but LOS has a little thing we like to do once in awhile—we have spontaneous office parties.  If we find a little spot where everyone is just doing the day-to-day stuff and no one has an important meeting scheduled, we congregate and socialize.  This inspires the building of friendships and introduction of new business contacts.  

For example we have four very different people in one of our facilities that bicycle to work every day.  They have found that they share a common interest in cycling.  Now they’ll ride together regularly, not to work, but in weekend activities that increase the depth of their friendship.

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-11-32-pmSimilarly, some folks have found that they share an interest in Zumba and attend regularly together.  Getting in shape is never easier than when you’re doing it with the mutual support of friends!

We even have folks that are now playing tennis together on a regular basis.  Sometimes it can be so hard to find a partner, but not for these people because they’ve expanded their social network through the business contacts they meet at LOS.

These little office get-togethers are the opportunity for people to learn about each other and what they do.  The custom jewelry maker meets up with the product importer and they might strike up a business relationship.  The Office Supply guy catches wind of a pharmaceutical company looking for a new location and talks to the private realtor.

Just by virtue of working in LOS you constantly meet new and interesting business contacts in different fields.  You never know what surprising opportunities are going to arise.

The Takeaway
Liberty Office Suites is more than just a professional workplace to impress and wheel-and-deal with your clients.  It’s an entire business environment that caters to all your business needs.  

But don’t forget that there is a social aspect to it where you can make connections that you could never make from your home office.  We’re all human beings and we interact with each other—we need each other.

If you need a convivial, impressive, and pleasant location to meet with customers, plus the opportunity to make new business connections with a wide variety of fellow business people, please feel free to stop by either of our locations at 330 Changebridge Road in Montville, or 181 New Road in Parsippany.  Or you can call us at 973-575-6080. We would love to talk with you!


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