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Go Green With Shared Office Suites

Did you know that when you pool business resources, you contribute to helping the environment? How can your business go green with shared office suites?  Ron Soussa, Principal at Liberty Office Suites in Parsippany, NJ states: “Shared office suites are inherently green, as opposed to working from an individual leased office, because resources are also combined.”

According to an article titled Commercial Real Estate Firms Need To Embrace Sustainability on AllWork Space, an online publication dedicated to the future of work, one answer to becoming more eco-friendly in the workspace is to cut back on waste-generating activities like moving and construction.

Another option for businesses to consider is to move away from long-term leases by signing onto more flexible options that are readily adaptable to business needs. The article states: “Signing traditional, long-term leases normally leads many companies to get too much space, leaving them with unused space. This is draining resources as these areas still need to be maintained with lighting, heating, cooling and other energy-consuming features.”

Ron adds: “For example, instead of having a conference room that sits empty most of the time, conference rooms at Liberty Office Suites are shared by up to 50 various companies and outside businesses that rent them. By having resources like furniture and technology constantly in use, it saves resources that might be purchased many times over by individual businesses.” This is a good example of sharing is caring for our environment, but is also a cost-saving effort when companies don’t have to pay for space that is not used on a regular basis.

As you can see, a green workplace is something that is easily achievable for any business. When you think creatively and share resources, you can leave a more eco-friendly footprint on our planet.


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