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What is an “Executive Suite” and Why Do I Need One?

Business owners often hear the phrase “executive suite” and wonder what it means.  Often the term is used by a trusted advisor like an accountant or attorney who is involved in helping get the new business established.  Or you might have heard about it from advertising on the radio or in a web search for office space.  Using the word “executive” before “suite” seems to imply large mahogany desks and corner offices suites, a throwback to our grandparents generation and certainly not what we’re looking for!

Today, an executive suite – also known as a serviced office – means all sorts of officing alternatives that include everything from a temporary office used for a few hours at a time to multiple office suites for large teams and big businesses that use them for years.  Flexibility and scalability are the key ingredients in today’s executive suites.

To start with, executive suites are usually found in modern, easy to find office buildings.  Businesses, from start ups to Fortune 500 members, value quality locations with good parking and easy access.  Look for the executive suites in office parks in places that you’ve probably driven by many times or in buildings where you may have probably visited in the past.  

Today’s executive suites are intended to present a professional image, so expect a trained receptionist to greet you and your clients and guests as valued members of a business community.  The receptionist functions as a business concierge and is there to offer assistance with all types of work related needs. Phone answering is always offered at executive suite centers, but most locations don’t have this done at the front desk, freeing the receptionist to concentrate on clients and their employees and guest’s needs.

A major feature of executive suites is flexibility. Although studies have shown that businesses who choose an executive suite as their work location stay for many years, a big advantage for some is the ability to get started in a top quality building without a long term commitment.  A typical agreement is for only one year, and shorter or cancelable terms can often be arranged.  Business who may just be testing a market or have a short term assignment often choose executive suites for exactly this reason, which is why Fortune 500 companies and other large
organizations will often be found using executive suite centers in many markets.

Flexibility also means “all inclusive” in the best executive suites.  Expect to find fully furnished offices with bookcases, filing cabinets, credenzas and guest chairs, along with WiFi, telephones, and printers/copy machines.  In most cases all you’ll need to bring is your laptop in order to get started running your business in one of our suites.  Not needing to buy or lease furniture and equipment means a big savings when establishing a new office location.

Scalability is also an important feature.  You might choose to start with just one office – either full time or on an as needed basis – and feel secure knowing that you can likely add additional offices as your business grows.  No need to commit to more space than you need at first is one of the most mentioned advantages that clients often cite.

Along with offices, top quality executive suites also offer meeting and conference rooms that include all the amenities that businesses need.  Conference rooms will have wall mounted display monitors so a laptop presentation can be displayed to everyone in the room, along with glass/white boards, conference call quality phones, and the ability to hold video conferencing meetings.   Some centers will also have much larger training rooms capable of holding 50 or more people, with projectors/screens, wireless microphones and commercial quality WiFi for all attendees. Presenters who wish to offer catered functions will also appreciate the pantries and catering capabilities that are often provided.

Finally, executive suites also offer administrative services on a la carte basis.  Whether you need letters typed, envelopes stuffed and mailed, or having holiday gifts ordered and sent to your clients, the staff is always available to get the work you need done but don’t have the time for is one of the other, but less frequently mentioned big advantages that many businesses come to really appreciate.

An Executive Suite, In Conclusion

To conclude, these days the term means just about everything a business needs to get started and be successful.   Learn more about these top quality executive suites, or schedule a tour for more information.  


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