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When it’s time to rent office space, hold a large meeting or a smaller conference, rent virtual office space, or utilize a mail or phone answering package, Liberty Office Suites is the place to be. We can help you with all of your office needs. Check here regularly for the latest news and ideas on the wonders of shared office space.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Several Things!

Social entrepreneurship is one of the new “hot” terms that has entered the small business lexicon in 2016 following its use by nonprofit and charitable groups to adopt the... read more

6 Essential Items For Meeting Rooms

There comes a time in a business’s growth where, in order to get everyone under the same roof, you need to look into meeting rooms where everyone can come together to discuss... read more

3 Things to Consider When Starting a Business

What are the things should you consider when starting a business? That's the question too many entrepreneurs don't stop to ask themselves before embarking on one of the greatest... read more

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Serviced Offices

Small businesses have been starting at a greater pace than ever, say publications from Forbes to The Wall Street Journal, and serviced offices have been big beneficiaries of the... read more

What is an “Executive Suite” and Why Do I Need One?

Business owners often hear the phrase “executive suite” and wonder what it means.  Often the term is used by a trusted advisor like an accountant or attorney who is involved... read more
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