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How Attorneys Can Benefit From Shared Office Space

Solo attorneys and smaller law firms who are just starting out don’t always have the financial means to lease office space full time. However, they understand how important a professional office space is for conducting business. Shared office space can provide a more affordable, flexible situation without the expense of a full time office.  Clients expect to meet their attorney in a professional office setting and the right shared office space can help to provide that atmosphere.

The Cost Savings of Shared Office Space

One of the biggest benefits is that you get a professional space without the expensive price tag. Usually included are phone, internet access and utilities. Additionally they may also provide office equipment such as desks, printers, and fax machines. Other perks can include beverages such as coffee and tea which you can offer to your clients.

Flexible Rental Terms

Leasing a traditional office space typically means signing a leasing agreement for a year or longer. The rental terms for shared office space are generally more flexible. In some cases, you can pay for your space on a monthly basis.

Create a Professional Image

Attorneys know all to well how important it is to display a professional image. You want your clients to feel comfortable meeting you in an office or conference room. Having a professional address also boosts credibility and is a better option to include on your business cards as opposed to a post office box or home address.

Interact with Other Professionals

Networking is another plus of renting a shared office space. You are able to take advantage of meeting other professionals which can help build your network. These connections are often the foundation for building your client base.

A shared office space provides a great opportunity for solo attorneys and small law firms to work efficiently in a professional setting at an affordable price. Are you seeking shared office space in Montville, NJ? Contact us today. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need for your business in a professional setting.


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