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Why do we make the same New Year’s resolutions year after year?   How do we even make a realistic goal and keep it?

My New Year’s resolution this year is not to make any.  I would rather embrace every day as a new opportunity to appreciate what I already have and take small steps toward a better life.  Do more by doing less, take a day or two to slow down, not make that constant to-do list, and enjoy genuine leisure.  There’s a better way to approach self-improvement.  The first step should be to figure out what needs betterment, second should involve creating a routine that helps you reflect on the progress you made and third would be to make the time frame a short time, a month, a season or whichever works best for you.  This is more habit-building in small increments which gives you the opportunity to create new behaviors instead of all-or-nothing commitments.

Each New Year has something magical about it.  Almost everybody has made their New Year resolutions, planning to do everything this new year bigger and better than ever. What’s funny though is the plans we make are quite similar to the plans we made the years before!  This is because we goal set sometimes we fail to execute them successfully throughout the following year.  Commitment takes determination and dedication which can definitely be intimidating and at the same time can be quite adventurous!  You were created with unique talents to achieve what you set your mind to so why not enjoy the journey pursue them?  You will never know what could have been unless you try, so dream big…..and remember, goals are great, but it’s also about being realistic and happy.  You are going to make it this year!


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