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3 Ways To Ruin An Offsite Meeting

Offsite meetings are a great way to energize and revitalize your employees. It facilitates generating new ideas and commitment to company goals. Unfortunately, an offsite meeting can go very wrong very quickly. Here are 3 mistakes that ruin offsite meetings.

Choosing the Wrong Venue

Many managers make the mistake of choosing a fun, trendy, or fancy venue that ends up overwhelming the core purpose of the meeting. Comfort and convenience are important, however the focus should always be on the expected outcome of the meeting not how much fun your participants are having. Consider choosing a meeting room that is outfitted with the latest technological advances.

Failing to Talk to Attendees Beforehand

At every meeting, there is at least one employee who has their own agenda. Sometimes it’s bringing up subjects that are inappropriate for the meeting and other times it is constantly distracting others.  Meeting individually with participants ahead of time allows everyone to have realistic expectations during the meeting. It also allows employees a chance to vent and be heard in private so that on the day of the meeting the focus is on making productive decisions rather than managing tempers.

Not Being Prepared to Make Decisions

Offsite meetings are expensive. Forget the amount that a business pays to rent a room and focus on the basics. If you have 10 people attend a day long offsite meeting and those employees make $20 an hour, that’s $2,000 in wages alone. An expense that large should result in definitive actions and initiatives. Gather facts and figures before the meeting date. The meeting is decision time, not time to debate and speculate on facts. Designate an employee who remains at the office to perform quick research functions in the event that a dispute does ensue. 

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