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Archive: October 2016

Virtual Office Space

How can office space be virtual?  It is actually not the contradiction you think it is!  Virtual office space is a very real concept and it's helping small businesses save... read more

Small Office Space: It Can Work for You

As business people, we have grown accustomed to vast, sprawling spaces where the actual work of "doing business" gets done.  Whether it's a large open space with little pods of... read more

Checklist for Starting a Business

In the 25 years between 1985 and 2010 small business grew from less than 5 million employers to 6 million employers.  Small businesses, which were non-employers, grew from... read more

Serviced Office Space: Better than a home office!

Just what is serviced office space?   It is a high quality business environment, with a premium address, where you can get work done!  It comes complete with all of the... read more
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