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Archive: September 2016

Meeting Spaces: Dressed to Impress

Working from home is a huge advantage.  The modern open office concept has driven people (literally) to distraction.  Many are lamenting the loss of the cubicle, where at least... read more

Healthy Business Contacts

When you work in a large office surrounded by dozens or hundreds of people it is inevitable that you will form relationships.  It could be a group of salespeople that go to lunch... read more

How to Plan Virtual Meetings

It’s Nice to (Virtually) Meet You The biggest challenge with virtual meetings is making them effective.  There's a built in presupposition that "We can interact just as if... read more

A Virtual Personal Assistant: How can they help your business?

Some people long for a personal assistant—it conveys status, shows recognition, and provides a substantial sense of self-importance.  Some will go to nearly any length to be... read more
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