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10 Steps to Having the Perfect Meeting Room

1)     Size Matters! 

The best size for a conference rooms depends on multiple factors. These factors include Audio Visual needs, maximum group size vs. typical group size, frequency of use, and video-teleconference requirements. According to J. Edgar “Ned” Fennie Jr. co-founder of FENNIE+MEHL “if you allocate 20-25 USF per seat in the early planning stages you will be allowing sufficient space which can then be fined-tuned in the Space Planning or design phase later on”.

2)     Determine Your Location

The location of your meeting space can affect client satisfaction and the ability to get to you. Firstly, your location is your representative. If your meeting room is in a nice area you’re more likely to make a positive impression upon existing or potential clients.

3)     Growth Space

Include meeting rooms for growth in your clients. Usually you can’t grow revenues without some increase in clients.

4)     Changes in Culture

Make necessary space to allow productivity in the new office space. Make sure you have sufficient space to adjust easily to different market cultures.

5)     Gather Relevant Data

Collect Organizational Charts, Furniture and Equipment Inventories, Headcount Projections As-built Floor Plans of Existing Space, CADD Files, Etc.

6)     Technology Equipped Office Space

Determined, modern businesses need a professionally presentable, technology-enabled office environment from where they can maximize their market reach, promote credibility, and communicate effectively to their prospects and customers.

7)     Workspace Design

“We shape buildings but they shape us too. We spend more waking time in our offices than anywhere else – why wouldn’t that have an impact on us? Something like 70% of people are ‘checked out’ 70% of the time [Gallup, 2013]. If we can give people the stimuli they need through their work environment – not just a purple chair! – that has an impact on individuals, families, communities, and the whole country.”- Hester Lacey

8)     Decorating Your Space

It’s the place where you compete against other markets, hunt new business opportunities, and chase your dreams. It’s also the public face of your company. “The most productive offices typically balance the comforts of home with a professional business image”

9)     Google’s “150-Feet From Food” Rule

Every office should be around 150 feet from food—either a restaurant, a large cafeteria, or a micro-kitchen. This encourages employees to snack constantly and this also creates extra revenue for your building.

10)  An Office Fit-out is an Investment

There are different costs that go into creating the perfect office space. A good setting doesn’t have to cost more, it just has to be well thought out. “It’s an investment in higher performance, in engagement, in recruiting and in training top staff”- Hester Lacey

Overall, providing your business with the adequate resources can improve the satisfaction of your current clients and future prospects. Following these 10 simple steps can lead you towards having a completely occupied office building with the gratification of knowing you are giving your business your 100%.


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